The Story About the Blog


PwzXxm is my first blog and also my first website I have ever built. I knew only a little bit of HTML before I started this project. I learned CSS and JavaScript while I’m building the site. I also read a lot of source code and blog posts about how other people build their own site using Jekyll. It took me seven days. Finally, on the 10th of December, 2015, the site went alive.

Details about building the site, [click me]({{ site.baseurl }}/2015/building-blog-jekyll/).

I was learning algorithms, c++ and practice ACM-ICPC but I stuck at graph theory and I did not have any progress on one particular problem for like three or four days. I always want to build a website and start writing some stuff. So I put other things aside and started to build this blog, and my friends give a lot of suggestions on the design of the website. Thank you.

There are two reasons why I really want to start this blog. One is that blogging helps me clear my thoughts. For instance, if you can teach an algorithm to a man which is new to him and he can understand the algorithm very well as your explanation is clear, you should also already have a deep understanding on this algorithm. So another reason is that I’m hoping someone can learn something from my blog. There a story: one day, I was trying to learn KMP (a string search algorithm), I barely understand it. I read a lot of posts from other people’s blog, watched youtube videos and tried to do it on a paper. Suddenly, I knew the concept behind it. Thanks for the guys sharing their ideas and thinkings.

If anyone find any mistake on my blog, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment below the post. Contact details are shown on the footer on every pages of the blog.

Let’s learn together and share ideas!